That Same Dream

Silvernist apologized an hour later. Even though it was conspicuous that she didn't mean it,  but Ariana accepted it.  King Timothy was appalled at the witch's behavior that he made Silvernist Ariana's maid. Silvernist had no choice but to obey him. After that, Ariana gave her one of her smiles.

That night, Ariana hadn't even talked to her but she didn't care. As Silvernist lay in bed, she couldn't seem to sleep. She felt the rocking of the ship as it cut through the sea. A while later, her eyes closed and she was sleeping suddenly.

A beautiful woman with long wavy red hair and deep blue eyes. She was being led by these guards to a large gallow. A long rope hung down with a loop at the bottom. The  woman stood infront of it with her hands tied behind her back, Her face was sad, and her eyes full of of sorrow. A knight then took the rope and looped it around the woman's slender neck. It suddenly showed  the soldier's gloved hand on a wooden lever. He pulled it.

The End

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