A Fight With The Princess

Part Five

Captian Mak was a slightly old man. He had two gold teeth on each side of his mouth and his eyes were gray. When Silvernist met him he was a cheerful man to see his old friend Timothy again. She was surprised to know he wasn't the tough going captian that some usually are.

Silvernist was now setting in one of the cabins with Ariana while the boys were next door. She was about to set her pack on the lower bunk but Ariana quickly threw her's onto the bed. She was really starting to get on Silvernist's nerves. She climbed the latter to the top bunk and shoved her pack on the bed and also her sword and dagger.

Her stomach growled and that reminded her they were invited to dinner with the captian. She couldn't wait to have a deacent meal once again. Silvernist climbed down the ladder and followed Ariana out and to the boys cabin. Arake and Timothy both got the bottom bunks while Davey and Sir Lorando got the tops. So I geuss royals get the safest beds? Silvernist hissed inside her head.

"Were ready to have dinner with the captian," Ariana said. King Timothy nodded and SIlvernist left with Ariana.

Soon Arake and the rest arrived in the dining area where the girls waited impatiently. Captian Mak then came in and motion for them to sit. Silvernist chose a spot next to Sir Lorando for she didn't want to be next to Ariana any longer. Then men entered carrying plates of meat and vegetables. Silvernist felt her mouth water at the sight of it that she started eating right away.

"So we sail to Risenife right? I've been there, beautiful kingdom it is. But just to warn you  we may have some delays so it could be a while till we get there," Mak explained. Timothy was sitting beside him and gave him a pat on the shoulder.

"I trust you will get us there safely." But Make's face showed doubt.

"I don't know about that. Few ships have made it to Risenife these past few years." Timothy frowned but replied,

"Don't worry my friend, I'm sure nothing will go wrong." Mak still didn't look convinced. Silvernist thought, What could be happening to these ships? She glanced at Sir Lorando staring at his food looking nervous.

He knows something.

After dinner, Silvernist left the dining area and walked out on deck. She watched the waves of the sea crash against the side of the boat. In the distance, Zelda was just out of sight and the sun had begun to lower. All os the sudden, Silvernist felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned to see Ariana standing there with a smile on her face.

"What is it?" Silvernist asked.

"Since it will be a while on this ship, I talked my father in letting me have a maid. And guess who that is?" The smile on her face grew wider as Silvernist's eyes widened. She lit up in anger and couldn't stop herself from slapping the princess. She had enough from being someone's maid. Ariana flared up as well and grabbed her shoulders. The fight began.

Silvernist was the first to throw a punch which knocked Ariana to the ground. She threw herself onto the princess and they fought. Timothy, Arake, Sir Lorando and Davey bustled out and stares in shock and at the two girls rolling about the ground. Arms were flying and shrieks filled the ship.

Ariana and Silvernist were standing now glaring at eachother.

"You will be my maid!" Silvernist ignored her and whispered a spell.

"Sapphire light, sapphire wind." Ariana's eyes widened when a bright light apeared and soon she was knocked off her feet by a gust of wind and was knocked overboard into the freezing, cold sea. King Timothy yelled in rage,

"Silvernist! Look what you did!" He ran to the side of the ship.

"Ariana, darling, don't worry we'll have you out soon!"

Ariana was gasping when a few sailors pulled her up. Silvernist suddenly felt guilty at the sight of her. The princess was soaked and she was shinvering from the cold. She glared at her but didn't say anything.

"Sorr-." But she stuck a hand in her face.

"Come on princess, let's go get you cleaned up." Timothy led Ariana back inside the cabins. Silvernist was frowning as she watched them disapear inside. She heard Arake and Davey chucklin but Sir Lorando was just staring at her. Silvernist looked away and Arake walked up to her and said,

"Ariana did deserve that you know. She's been a snob lately. Oh, um, your bleeding." Silvernist touched her lip and found blood.

"Come here, I'll help you clean it," Sir Lorando spoke. Silvernist nodded and followed him to a barrel of water. Sir Lorando dipped in a peice of cloth and then pressed it to her lip.

"Here, hold that." The witch obeyed, pressing the wet damp cloth against her mouth. Then she and Sir Lorando sat on some boxes in silence.

"That wasn't very nice," he said. Silvernist nodded.

"I know, I'm sorry."

"You should say that to Ariana." Silvernist felt her heart sink. Say sorry to Ariana? That snobby princess? Sir Lorando got up and walked away leaving her to think.

The End

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