Mystra walked to Salvador and plucked the opal from his hands. They all gasped when the opal started glowing. The four sorceres felt the magic sorround them. Salvador felt his body relax and his eyes closed from gazing at Mystra's face. All the sudden it stopped and the opal looked plain white as it did before.

"Well done," they heard Mystra say. Salvador opened his eyes and again was gazing at her.  She spoke again;

"Our silverwitch will have delays on her trip here so, I'll lend her some help. From a spirit." The sorceres watched the goddess walk to the middle of the cave and stand there. Her hand held out  the opal and it started glowing again. The cave was then filled with a bright glowing light. The sorceres waited, watching to see what was coming.

When the light disapeared, before them stood a personage. It was a woman with long black hair and green eyes. It was the hero from long before. The one who brang peace between black dragons and the people. The one who defeated Andorra.

Mystra and Danielle were standing next to eachother smiling at the four sorcerers. Salvador, Azura, Tamas and Stefan were astonished and their mouths were hung open. Danielle had come back to life."

"I can't believe you forgot about the girl," Aviel hissed in Campion's face. Campion just stood there with his eyes cast down.

"You disapoint me." Campion lifted his eyes to see Aviel turn away.

"But master I have the copy of the map. And I do have an idea." Aviel faced him again. Campion continued.

"The silverwitch will probably search for the black opal herself, so we could meet her there and make her give the opal to us." Aviel was quiet for a moment then replied,

"Fine. Do whatever but I need that opal. This is your last chance." Campion nodded and said to Lizar who stood a few feet away,

"Gather everyone. We set off early tomorrow morning." Lizar nodded and left with Campion following. The leader dug into his pocket and took out the map. I have to get the opal. If I don't, I'll be destroyed.

The End

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