The Asesino

Silvernist poked her head out of the carriage as they entered a large village full of people. She gazed at the ocean that was sparkling in the sunlight and the waters stretched out from the eye could see. They were all so glad they arrived in Zelda from a three day journey.

As Silvernist was staring out the window she felt her self jerk backward for Ariana pulled her back and now took her place.

"Let me see." Silvernist scowled.

"Oh, but our kingdoms prettier..." She heard Ariana imply. Arake was watching and rolled his eyes. With Ariana coming along how would they survive?

The carriage moved on until they came to a ship dock. Ships floated in a line next to eachother in the water with sailors aboard them. The carriage stopped and Ariana was the first to get out following Silvernist, Arake, Davey, the king and Sir Lorando. All around them were ships with their tall masts seeming to reach the sky.

"Wait till you see the ship I asighed for us," Timothy spoke and led them past the ships. They walked on until Timothy stopped and they found themselves staring at a great ship.

"This is the Asesino," Timothy said.


The End

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