Guess Who's Coming

Silvernist woke the next morning. This was it. She felt excited but nervous at the same time for this new adventure. She looked at Ariana's bed but she wasn't there. Hmmm, where did she go?

She got out of her bed and picked up her sack. But when she looked down at her tattered dress she knew it wouldn't survive long.

Arake, Davey and Sir Lorando stood outside the carriage talking.

"Why do they take so long?" Davey whined. He, Arake, Sir Lorando, Timothy and Silvernist were the only one going on the journey.

"Patience, Davey," Sir Lorando replied. "Good things come to those who wait." Davey just stared blankly at him. Arake laughed and turned away from them. He then saw Silvernist heading their way. She was wearing a brown leather vest over a blue, long sleeved shirt and trousers with brown boots. Attached to her hip was a long sword with a curved dagger. Her hair was pulled back in a long ponytail leaving her bangs loose. She stopped in front of them smiling.


"Wait!" They heard a voice call from behind them. Arake turned and he froze. Ariana? She ran toward them tripping over her red dress.

"Wait for me!" She stopped before them gasping.

"Princess Ariana, what are you doing here?" Sir Lorando questioned.

"I'm... I'm coming with you." Timothy showed up and said.

"No Ariana. Your not coming. It's too dangerous."

"Then why is she coming?" Ariana jabbed a finger at Silvernist.

"We need her. Now go back inside with your mother!"

"But- but someone needs to look after him!" She poked Arake's chest hard and he flinched.

"Father, whatever you say won't make me stay." Timothy sighed. No! Arake thought. If Ariana came then his life would end. The six climbed into the carriage and it started to move. Arake glanced at Silvernist seeing her sitting next to Ariana who was smiling and giving him the evil eye in which she always gave him. Silvernist didn't look happy either.

Arake had never been to the sea before and he couldn't wait. He heard it was beautiful and so cold it made your feet go numb. This was going to be an long but exciting adventure.

The End

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