Silvernist slept better than any other night. That morning she woke late and found Ariana gone. The sun brightly through the windows. Today was going to be a busy day. The witch stretched feeling wide awake and then walked out the room. She headed down a corridor making her way to the dining area. She entered seeing the royal family and Sir Lorando sitting at the table eating. Their heads perked up as she walked in.

"Silvernist, good morning. You may sit next to Sir Lorando," King Timothy said. Silvernist looked to where the teacher sat and obeyed. Ariana and Arake were staring at her, but Rose wasn't even looking her way.

"How did you sleep?" Timothy asked.

"Very good thankyou," She replied. The table was filled with meat and eggs that she yearned to eat it all. She dug in, tearing at  the meat and shoving the eggs in her mouth. The wonderful taste filled her mouth which made her hungry for more. She ate on not realizing everyone staring at her in shock, even the queen. Silvernist finished eating and leaned back in her chair.

Silvernist had finished packing for the trip with the help of Ariana who was very bossy and annoyed her very much. Silvernist exited the room and stood there thinking now what? She'd explore the castle was her next thought.

Silvernist came to the throne room gazing at all the desighs on the ceiling. One caught her eye and soon knew who it was. It was Danielle. The black dragon's wings were stretched and fire came through her mouth. She wished she could be like her. Being all brave and strong. Danielle was the one who discovered that black dragons still existed. Now they all lived in peace with them.

Silvernist moved on until she came to the garden. Sir Lorando was there resting on a white bench surrounded by roses.

"Hi," Silvernist said. Sir Lorando turned his head and smiled but there was sadness in his eyes. Silvernist wondered why.

"Hello Silvernist," he replied.

"Please," Silvernist said. "Just call me Silvie." The man smiled and Silvernist sat beside him sniffing the roses.

"They're beautiful." Sir Lorando nodded.

"So what exactly is dangerous about the Sea Of  Magic?" She asked. The teacher replied,

"There have been stories of ships being attacked by evil sea creatures. No one has even lived to tell what they even are."

 "Are there mermaids?" Silvernist asked. Sir Lorando nodded and said,

"I'm sure there is," he stared into her eyes. "But not all mermaids are good, Silvie."

Silvernist looked away confused of what he meant and plucked a rose out of a rose bush. She smelled it.

"Do you come out here often?" she asked. Sir Lorando didn't answer her question but instead said,

"My wife planted these roses." Silvernist heard sadness in his voice.

"She was accused of being a theif so she was hanged." Silvernist felt terrible.

"I'm so sorry." Silvernist thought of her grandmother. Gone. Just like Sir Lorando's wife. Both of them were so alike that Silvernist knew they would get along just fine.

"I'd better get ready for our journey now." Sir Lorando stood and left her.

The End

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