Silvernist walked beside Queen Rose as they moved down the hall. There was an awkward silence between them. Rose broke it.

"You'll be sleeping with Ariana so she can keep an eye on you in case." Her voice was firm.

"You still don't trust me do you. Well, that's alright, I'm used not to being liked," Silvernist spoke. Her voice was a bit edgy. Rose looked at her and replied.

"What do you mean?"

"When I was younger I never knew my parents. My grandmother instead took care of me. She was the only one who really cared," Silvernist stopped the tears from spilling. "When she died, this lady and her two daughters had to take me in. They treated me like a slave. Made me steal from other people and one night they had me sleep outside.  That was until I ran away and came to find Aviel."

"I'm sorry," Rose spoke quietly and softer this time. Silence filled them and they stood before Ariana's room. Rose turned to her.

"This dosen't mean I like you." She walked away. Silvernist watched her disapear from her sight and then opened the door.

"Hello?"  She looked around and found the princess sitting on the edge of her bed admiring her nails. Her eyes met hers.

"Oh, it's you," she spoke harshly. "Come in and shut the door." Silvernist closed the door and just stood there. Ariana rolled her eyes and pointed to a light pink couch. The witch walked to it. A light red blanket and a pink pillow were already for her. But for some reason Silvernist wasn't tired. She stared at Ariana's desk and stood by it. Her eyes squinted in confusion when she stared at the glittering pink comb. Well almost a comb. It's forks were missing.

Silvernist picked it up.

"What happened to this?" Ariana's eyes rested on the comb in Silvernist's hand.

"My idiot brother and his friend did that."

"You mean Arake?" Ariana nodded. Silvernist tried holding back a chuckle but it came out. The princess's eyes narrowed. She snatched the comb from her hand and struck it in her desk.

"I'm going to bed now," she snapped. Silvernist jumped into the couch and pulled the covers over her. Ariana blew out the candles and all was dark. Silvernist snuggled into her blankets. Oh how long it has been since she slept in a soft, warm bed.

The End

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