"So we try and find the black opal before Aviel does. We'd have to leave right away..." Silvernist was saying. "If we don't get there before him, t-there will be nothing we can do to stop him." Arake listened carefully staring at the map. His father and Sir Lorando stood beside him as Silvernist held the map out so they could all see.

King Timothy' finger rested on the paper and moved as he spoke.

"So we could travel through the forest until we make it to the mountains. Then we'll head east past the Necropolis and we'd enter Dreaded City." Silvernist shook her head and replied.

"I never want to go back to Aviel's necropolis again. We'd surely be captured. How about taking a ship across the sea and into Risenife. Then we'd sail to Reptile Isle and go from there."

"But I've heard things about crossing the Sea Of Magic. Stories you'd never want to hear. I won't even say," Sir Lorando spoke.

"It's our only choice. We can't be caught by Aviel. This will be better," Silvernist answered.

"I agree." Everyone's head turned to look at Arake. He shrugged looking at Silvernist. Silvernist stared at Timothy waiting for him to say something.

"Alright, we'll leave to day after tomorrow."

The End

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