The Woman

Part Four

Salvador held the round, white stone in his palm. Colors of yellow, orange and blue mixed to make it even more beautiful. It was soft and cold at his touch. The opal glittered. 

“Well, we’ve finished with this one but it will not be enough to defeat Aviel. We’ll need more unicorn blood to create more. “

“But that was the only puddle we found in this place. There's no way we can summon a hoarfrost without a silver witch," Stefan said. The puddle of unicorn blood was gone.

"We'll need a silver witch then."

"How do you even know they exist?" Azura asked sharply. They suddenly heard a soft, low chuckle.

 "They do. I'm the one who creates them." The four sorcerers jumped and turned to the cave entry. A tall,glowing woman with sleek, white hair stood there dressed in a beautiful, long, white dress. Her eyes were a shiny violet. Everyone's mouths were wide open. They gazed at her until they realized who she was.

The Hidden One. The Lady of Mysteries.

Mother Of All Magic.

The End

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