The Map

King Timothy glared at her and demanded that she give him the casket. Silvernist shook her head.

"Sorry, but i'm looking after it."

"What's in it anyway?" Ariana asked. Silvernist's gaze landed on Ariana.

"A map. A map that could lead this world to it's doom." Sir Lorando and the royal family just looked at her. Timothy stepped closer and said and glancing at Arake,

"How did she get out of her cell?" Arake shrugged.

"We were being attacked when she came and-- rescued us."

"That still doesn't mean that she should be innoc-"

"I am! You have no idea what's happening." Silvernist told them everything. From being at Aviel's necropolis, what he's planning and so on. It was silent after she finished speaking. She waited for any reply. Silvernist watched King Timothy lift his head and then spoke.

"You seem serious," he said. Timothy looked at his wife. Rose looked away and sighed.

"Alright I believe you. So this, Campion took a copy of the map?" Silvernist nodded finally relieved that someone was actually listening.

"Let's open the casket and take a look at it," Timothy then added. Silvernist's mouth perked up a bit as she opened the lid. She took out the map and unrolled it carefully trying not to rip it. Everyone gathered around the witch and gazed at the map.

There, in the far left corner was Zilda with Zelda next to it. Sketches of forests and mountians covered half the paper. Silvernist stared at Aviel's necropolis thinking that he was watching her right at that moment. On the far right corner was Risenife surrounded by water. Reptile Isle was a small rounded shape surrounded  by ocean also. The Valley of Ice was almost at the very top of the paper. The Valley Of Fire and Dreaded City Instead took that place. Silvernist gazed at the drawing of the Volcano of Synra. That volcano was where the world's most dangerous magic layed.

The End

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