Friend or Foe?

Arake, Rose and Ariana met up with Sir Lorando. He was carrying his sword as well as limping.

"Arake," he said. "Their retreating." Arake and his mother sighed in relief.

"How's father?" Ariana asked with a hint of worry in her voice. Sir Lorando gave her a little smile.

"He's fine." They smiled. Arake noticed his leg was bleeding from a large cut. Sir Lorando saw him staring at it.

"I'll be alright." The four started down the hall.

"Who do you think they were? Risenife soldiers?" Arake asked. Sir Lorando shook his head.

"I don't believe they were Risenife's. I have no idea who they were," he replied.

"Well, let's hope we never see them again," Rose spoke. She was shivering. Arake took her hand. All of the sudden they heard a battle cry. They turned to see a soldier leaping at them. Sir Lorando, Ariana, Rose and Arake scattered. Sir Lorando tried to fight the enemy but he was even stronger. He was thrown across the hall.

Arake's mother stood behind him as the soldier moved closer. Suddenly, they heard a young girl's voice,

"Acid arrow!" They looked at the silver haired girl who was holding a glowing, silver bow, white mist moving along the arrow. She released the arrow and it plunged into the soldiers side. The next thing they knew, they were staring a puddle of sizzling acid.

"Well, do I get a thankyou or something?" Silvernist said as she stood before them. She wasn't holding the bow any long for it had vanished. Arake and Sir Lorando were staring at her in awe. Rose and Ariana just glared at her.

"Uh- thankyou?" Arake answered. Silvernist nodded and walked away but the prince stopped her.

"Wait. How did you do that?" Silvernist looked at all four of them.

"I'm a witch." The group still looked unsure. She rolled her eyes.

"Look, I wasn't trying to murder the king. I was trying to stop a man from getting this." She held up a gold casket.

"Thats-" Rose started but was cut off.

"Rose! Dearest." It was Timothy with Davey by his side. Rose turned to him for an embrace.

"Are you alright?"

"Yes." Timothy was then staring at the girl.

"How did she get out?" Rose shrugged.

"And that casket. She's not supposed to have that," the king was reaching for it but she pulled it out of his reach.

The End

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