Golden Casket

Campion looked down at the hole that had just opened in the floor. His heart was beating heavily against his chest. He gazed inside it at a golden casket. He found himself reaching for it. He picked it up and moved it around in his hands. On the sides were carvings of fire, and on the front was a gold bird, flames ringning about it's body.

Campion's eyes sparkled with excitment when he opened the lid. Inside was a rolled, rusty, almost torn paper. He unrolled it and found himself peering on what was on it. The map. Lines swarmed the paper, with pictures of the mountains, forests and other places including Zilda. Just in case of any interference with retrieving the map, he copied the map onto a seperat sheet of paper.

He then flinched when Silvernist's voice broke through the silence.

"Campion!" Campion fumbled with his map in his hands. Silvernist's eyes widened when she knew what he did.

"Put it back!" Silvernist ordered. Campion stuck his copy in his vest pocket and obeyed by putting the real map back in it's casket. He smirked as he did. Unepectedly, he ran out of the room leaving Silvernist speechless.

 She ran over to the casket  and held it in her hands. She admired the desigh on the casket, ecpecially the bird. She scurried out glimpsing Campion turning another corridor. She followed his directions but when she turned  to the next hall, he was gone.

The End

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