King Timothy jumped from his chair and walked toward the guard. He turned his head to look at Arake.

“Keep your mother and sister safe,” he said. Arake nodded. He wanted to go with his father but he also had to protect Ariana and Rose. He took his mother by the arm and led her out of the ballroom. Ariana followed.  He didn’t know where they would go but the only option was hiding. The women trialed behind him

“Come on,” Arake barely spoke as they strolled through the dark halls. They heard a battle ringing about the castle. Please let father be alright. He thought.

Timothy had his sword ready in hand as he exited the ballroom. He gasped when he saw his knights fighting other men dressed in brown leather pants and a thick vest over their chests. Dead bodies lay on the floor motionless. King Timothy then lunged at his enemy.

Silvernist had to get away from Campion sooner or later. Every time she glanced over her shoulder, he’d be there chasing her. She turned a corner and came to a dead end. She growled and turned back. She expected to Campion standing right there but he was nowhere to be seen.

Campion got tired of chasing Silvernist so he decided to look for the map himself. He thought of the kings chamber would be the most obvious so he would start there first. Campion entered the room and looked around. Where should he start first?

The map would have been hidden for years from now. Maybe there is a secret chamber? He thought. Campion walked along the walls knocking, for any hallow sound. But he heard none of it. He sighed. He’d have to look everywhere which would take a long, long time.

Silvernist couldn’t see Campion anywhere. Why would he give up? She thought. Then she remembered the map. Campion and his group of soldiers were here for the map. I wonder if Campion- She stopped. She had to get to the kings bedroom fast.

Timothy hadn’t fought for a long time. His bones ached as he lifted his weapon. His opponent even seemed better than him. His knights were dying. He watched Arake’s best friend fight one of them with struggling effort. He had to help him.

“Davey!” He called and ran from his enemy. Timothy got rid of the guy that was fighting the boy.

“Thankyou,” he said. Timothy nodded.

Campion searched everywhere. In the wardrobe, in the floor and the walls. But there was one place left. Under the bed. Campion thought why the map would be under the bed but he searched any way.

Using his strong muscles Campion pushed the bed away to the side. He stared at the ground. Nothing was there except for a bright red rug. He swept the rug away until he found a small latch, sticking out from the floor. He pulled on it and part of the floor lifted.

The End

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