Almost Captured

As always, Silvernist sat in her cell. Everything is so wrong! She thought. If only they'd listen.

"You've should've known that no one would believe a silly story like that." Silvernist flinched. She heard that voice before. She stood up and walked to the door. She squeezed them and looked around.

"Hello?" She saw a dark figure step into the light. She gasped.

"Campion." He smirked. His dark eyes bore into hers.

"Nice to see you again." Silvernist met him the day after she entered Aviel's necropolis. She met him when she was taking the tray of food for Aviel.

"What are you doing here?" She asked him.

"What else. To come get you and the map."

"You can't!" Silvernist exclaimed. She heard shouts and screams filling the castle. She stared at him in horror.

"Yes I can." Campion opened the door smoothly. She saw the keys in his hand then looked to the guard sprawled on the floor. Campion smiled and grabbed her arm.

"I'm not coming with you," she said trying to jerk her arm away. Campion's grip tightened and her pulled her along with him. Silvernist struggled and Campion stopped.

"Really, Silvie. Just cooperate and you'll get out alive." He started again. If only I had my weapons. She thought. They were halfway down the hall when she kicked him in the shins. He bent over grunting releasing his captive. Silvernist ran back to her cell, knelt by the fallen guard and searched for her weapons. She found them attached to his belt.

Silvernist sheathed the dagger but kept her sword in her hand. Campion stood before her, his own in his hand.

"Now, now, Silvie. You have no skill with the sword. Just give up," his voice urged.

"No," came Silvernist's reply. She sheathed the sword and held up her hands. Campion's eyes widened. She whispered;

"Sapphire light, sapphire wind." A bright light apeared behind her and cold wind whistled and rushed by her ears. The harsh wind then knocked Campion into a wall and lay limp. It stopped and Silvernist ran.

Campion stood up and groaned. He was sore all over. He looked to see Silvernist running far from him.

"Silvernist!" He shouted. But he knew he was being ignored. He chased after her.

The End

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