Part three

As always, Silvernist paced the hard cold floor. If only she could move things by looking at them then she'd be able to unlock the door. That was one useful power she neede right now that she didn't have.

Silvernist had been locked up for a week That's what the guard told her guarding her cell. She sat down on the hard bed and covered her face in her hands. This world will be in Aviel's hands if I don't get out. She thought.

"We'll have to have a trial," King Timothy announced.

"Trial? Trial?! We should just kill her right away! We don't even know who she is or what she looks like. I think theres something suspicious about her." His wife complained.

"Now dear, you worry too much..." Arake groaned. They have been arguing all morning. He wanted to shout at them to be quiet but it wouldn't be polite. Arake scowled. Maybe he could speak with the girl. His parents were too busy arguing so he got up from his chair and left the room.

Before Arake entered the prison cells, he waited till a guard passed him so he could sneak in without being caught. As soon as the guard was gone, Arake found himself peering into a dark hall. He nervously started walking. He moved pass the black cells and heard moans coming from the prisoners.

He tried to remember wich jail the girl was in. He stood still staring into one.

"Hello?" he asked. A moving sound came from inside.

"What do you want?" The voice was parched. It was her. She was standing behind the bars.

"Well?" she questioned harshly.

"I- Uh." Arake stood firm. " I want to know the truth."

"I have already told you the truth," she replied coldly. "This world is in danger. I'm warning you."

"But why?"

"Thew evil wizard Aviel wants revenge. Your ancestors have destroyed his wife Andorra," she explained.

"Andorra? But, she's dead and noone ever knew she was married!"

"That's because she never told smart one," she snapped. Arake flinched.

""How do you know this?" She didn't reply, but said,

"Look, if you don't believe me then just leave."

Campion stood on top of a grassy hill looking down upon the castle. He was thinking how he and his clan could get the silver witch and the map. He returned to his group of soldiers who was hiding in the woods. Suddenly, a voice boomed in his head.

"Get the girl Campion. Or you wish I would have killed you long before." Campion held his head in his hands in pain. The voice disapeared slowly and his mind stopped whirling.

Hhis trained soldiers were sharpening their swords and daggers.

"Men," Campion called. "I have figured out how to get the girl and the map." Everyone gathered together.

"Wee shall invade the castle by nightfall."

The End

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