Locked Up

Everyone  who came to the ball had left after the metnion of a murderer. Arake watched everyone  step into their carriages and leave. This wasn't the birthday Arake had expected it to be. Davey came up beside him.

""Why would a young girl try and murder the king?" Arake shrugged.

"I know, It's strange. Maybe she has a reason. Anyway, that was a short birthday party." Davey chuckled.

"Well, I have to go." Arake watched his friend walk away.

Silvernist didn't know how long she'd been locked up. Still thinking of how to excape, wasn't easy. Well I am a witch. A silver witch. Maybe I could do something to the lock. She thought.

She looked up when she heard footsteps coming. Silvernist hid in the shadows. She pretended to be sleeping as a guard walked pass. He stopped, but then went on. Silvernist breathed in relief.

The End

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