Arake and everyone froze in the ballroom when they heard the queen's cries.

"What was that?" Arake wondered. Davey was standing beside him.

"Sounded like your mother." Arake ran out of the room and made his way to his parent's bed chamber. They were sitting on their bed talking.

"What happened?" Arake asked worriedly. His mother looked at him.

"Your father was almost killed."

"By who?"

"I don't know. She was wearing a cloak so we couldn't see her face." Arake thought of the hooded girl he bumped into. Why would a girl try to murder the king?

"Where is she now?" he asked.

"Being locked up in the dungeon. Good riddance," the king replied. Arake turned to his mother.

"You sure she was trying to kill you?"

"Well, she had a dagger. Why else?"


The man crouched as he walked toward his group. The wound where the witch had stabbed him, bled. His leader would be angry he did not retrieve the girl. The girl was tough. And wherever did she get a dagger like that? His group waited for him and so did his leader.

His leader's name was Campion. He had a young face, and was in his mid-thirties. Dark eyes and a long scar along his cheekbone. Campion stood tall with his arms crossed waiting impatiently. The man, Lizar, was face to face with him.

"Sire, she escaped."

"Escaped? How?!" he yelled.

"Well, uh, she had a dagger and stabbed me." Lizar showed him his arm. Campion rolled his eyes and walked away. Lizar heard him say,

"I'll make sure she does get captured."


"Let me go!" Silvernist yelled. She tried to yanke her arms out of the guard's hands but they were too strong. Silvernist's hood was close to slipping off. She was being led to the dark dungeons. Soon she'd be locked away and the world would be doomed because of her.

Finally, she was released but thrown into a rusty, dark cell. Silvernist quickly stood and turned around to have the door slammed in her face. He locked it.

"You'll be sorry, girl," he whispered harshly and left with the others. Silvernist was alone, now pacing her new "room." If only she could excape.

She was growing hot inside her hood but she was afraid to take it off in case any of the guards walked by and noticed her hair. It wouldn't hurt. Silvernist untied her cloak and it fell to the floor. Her long silvery hair fell to her waist. It was tangled but still beautiful. The hair didn't seem to show in the dark so she stopped worrying.

"Now, how to get out of here.

The End

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