Silvernist snuck away from the crowd of people. Being knocked to the ground by that... boy was kind of embarassing.

"He should look where he's going," she snarled under her breath. Silvernist looked around. The king was just turning a corner and headed down to these large doors. Silvernist watched him closely. That must be his bedroom. She thought. It.

The king reached them and disapeared inside. This was her chance. Though before she could move, a large, gloved handcovered her mouth and she found herself being dragged away.

Silvernist glimpsed at the face of her captor. She recognised that face from Aviel's castle. These guards would take her back to that wizard and she'd have to do what Aviel said. She wriggled and struggled to get out of the man's grasp

"Stop it, you witch!" The man growled and drew her tighter against him. Silvernist remembered her dagger under her cloak. One of her arms were free so she could grab it. She managed to. Silvernist had never killed a man before and she didn't want to. If this was part of saving the world, she'd have to.

Silvernist raised the weapon and stabbed the man's arm. He yelped and lost his grip just after she stomped on his foot. Silvernist ran back to the king's chamber. She could hear her captor grunting but he wasn't coming after her. Well, she didn't kill him but wounded him badly.

Silvernist reached the doors that towered above her. She gently pushed the door open and stepped inside. She looked at the bed. There lied the king of Zilda resting peacefully. The witch fixed her cloak and walked slowly toward the king's bed. Suddenly the doors opened wich made her jump. In came the king's wife. Oh no. She froze where she was, not breathing.

The Queen halted and stared at Silvernist in fright. She gasped and cried aloud,

"Guards!" The queen's glare moved down. Silvernist remembered the dagger still in her hand.

"Murderer!" The queen was mistakened.

"No, please!" She tried to face the queen but she moved away.

"I'm not trying to murder--!" Palace guards rushed in swords in their hands. The king was awake now and asking what was going on.

"Sieze her!" Silvernist tried to run from the guards but they grabbed her.

"Your mistakened!" Silvernist cried as she was being taken away from the room. I was only trying to warn him.

The End

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