Arake's punishment for playing another prank on his sister was to sit with his parents on the throne and watch everyone dance. Arake couldn't stop laughing at the trick. Even the queen thought it was funny.

The ballroom was full of people with their young children. Arake waved at Davey who stood by the doors to the entrance. He waved back. Arake sighed.

"Don't slouch," his father roughly whispered. Arake obeyed. He saw a group of girls about his age who giggled when they looked at him. He rolled his eyes and looked away.

"Dear, I think we should let Arake go," said Rose.

"And pull another prank? Certainly not!" the king replied his wife.

"Look around, theres so many girls here. You know he'll be marrying soon if he finds a girl," the queen winked at Arake. Arake looked away and blushed. King Timothy glanced at Arake and answered sudden,

"Alright Arake, you can go." Queen Rose was always persuasive. She had an interesting personality as well. At once, the prince jumped up and entered the crowd of people. He headed to Davey who motioned to him. Accidently, while strugglling through the crowds of people, he bumped into someone. She fell to the ground. At first he thought he saw a flash of silver. When his gaze fell down onto the girl, she was fixing her hood which hid her face.

"I'm so sorry." Arake bent down to help her up. But she didn't reach out.

"I can get up myself," she snapped. Arake watched her move to her feet and walk away, again, fixing her cloak. He didn't even see her face. He then noticed people staring at him with curious faces. He moved away, his face burning and reached Davey.

"What was that all about?" Davey asked stifling back a laugh.

"I just bumped into someone. That's all.

"Hey look at those girls over there. See the one with the blonde, shiny hair with the big curls?" Arake saw her. She wore a golden gown.

"Isn't she pretty?" Arake nodded.

"I think she likes me." Davey said in excitement. The girl looked over here and winked.

"She winked at me! See?"

"Uh, Davey, that wasn't for you," Arake muttered. He saw his mother wanting him.

"What?" Davey questioned. But Arake was already walking away. When he reached his mother, she explained he was feeling sick and went to he bedchamber to rest.

"Sit," she ordered. "Then we'll dance. You with me."

"Me and you?" Arake did not enjoy dancing with his mother. He felt embarassed when others watched. Arake sat and caught notice of the hooded girl leaving the ballroom.

The End

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