Azura and Stefan were gazing into a puddle of sparkling clear liquid. Who new unicorn blood could be so beautiful? Azura's face was pale but she was smiling.

"It's beautiful," she whispered. Stefan nodded. His green hair waved to the movement of the cool wind. The four sorcerers lived in the Valley of Ice only for a week. They made home in a cave for shelter until they knew what they could do to help defeat Aviel.

"We could make another powerful opal," Stefan was saying earlier. Azura glared at her brother.

"Are you dumb? Why would we do that. That fake green hair of yours must be doing something to your little brain."

"Don't make fun of my hair!" Salvador stopped them.

"That just might work." Azura turned her glare to him.

"But how!? The black opal was made in the Volcano of Synra. How can we make one." Tamas spoke for the first time.

"Unicorn blood could do it. Said to be powerful, but--"

"But then where would we find unicorn blood in a place like this," Azura cut in.

"Have you ever heard of the Hoarfrost?" Stefan asked. Azura frownd and turned away.

"A hoarfrost is a special kind of unicorn with a white coat made of frost," Stefan replied simply.

"The problem is, no one can just summon a Hoarfrost. They are summoned by a special kind of witch."

"What kind of witch?" Azura asked. Tamas continued.

"Hoarfrosts have a bond with Silverwitches."

The End

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