Silvernist crept through the village unnoticed by the villagers.  She tightened her cloak securly around her. The dirt road was packed with people that she kept knocking into them accidently.

"Watch it!" One man scolded. Silvernist stared after him when he moved away. She moved her eyes at the castle. She already knew how to get inside. On her long journey, she planned it all out. Silvernist stopped in her tracks when she heard a woman talking to another.

"The prince's birthday is today and theres going to be a ball! You going?" The plump woman asked.

"Of course I am!" The other replied. The prince's birthday! This way I could speak with the king easier!  Silvernist thought. She left the woman and headed toward the castle.

"Go Arake," Davey whispered.  Two friends waited behind a wall waiting for Arake's sister to leave. Ariana was just stepping out of her bedroom. Davey poked Arake but he held up his hand. Araina then disapeared down the hall.

"Lets go!" Davey said. Arake and him got up and moved toward the door. They opened it and walked in. The room was big and pink with marble floor. Pink curtains hung infront of the windows. Arake scrambled to Ariana's desk and opened a drawer. Inside were three glittering combs. Davey picked them up before Arake and smiled.

Not long after, they hid when Araiana returned. She was going to use her combs but realised the combs were missing their teeth. She squealed in fright and ran out of the room.

"Mother, Father!" Her high pitched voice screamed. Arake and Davey laughed histerically.

The night grew darker when Silvernist reached the castle. Two guards stood by the gate. Silvernist pulled her hood tighter over her head and suddenly, she vanished. Invisible, Silvernist went through the gates and across the drawbridge. THe large castle doors waited for her. Behind her, woman in fancy gowns and men in suited  came out of carriages.

Silvernist paused and sighed. She should disguise herself. Before the guests saw her, she used her magic to create a dress. The dress was a sparkly blue with long silky sleeves. She wasn't invisible. She still kept her cloak on to hide her sword and dagger.

Soon after, Silvernist followed the young people into the castle and the ballroom. Her dress swished  as she walked. She stopped when she reached the ballroom entrance.

The End

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