Part Two

Arake leaned back in his seat. He listened boredly to his teacher, Sir Lorando talking about the ways of writing.

"So you want your writing to be neat, put in organized position..." Arake rolled his eyes. He hated writing. He also disliked his studies. He wished he could skip them and hang out with his friend Davey. Davey is a knight here at the palace. One age older than himself. Both of them were rough and got into alot of mishief. Once, they meant to put to much spices in his Arake's sister's food, though it ended up in his father's. His father was in rage once he found out.

Arake had gazed off during his lesson in thoughts. His only favorite thing to learn about was history. Expecially about Danielle, Samuel and Herman. Heros of long ago saving Zilda from Andorra's grasp. Danielle was the first heroine and still is to this day.

"Arake? Prince Arake? Are you listening?" Sir Lorando asked. Arake turned his attention to his teacher

"Uh, yes sir." He could see in the man's eyes that he did not believe him.

"Well, your studies are over, you may leave." Arake nodded, relieved he could get out of there. As he left the room, Lorando's grayish eyes followed him. He barely had any hair but Arake could tell it was blonde. Arake learned about Sir Lorando about two weeks ago. The poor teacher had lost his wife years ago. He heard she was beautiful.

But she was accused of being a theif and was hanged for that.

Arake rushed through the halls. He had to meet Davey down by the stables. He stopped by his bedroom to change into more comfortable clothes.. Then he raced out of the castle toward the stables. He saw Davey waiting for him in the doorway.

"Davey!" Arake reached his best friend. His blonde hair waved in the wind and he stood folding his arms. He was smiling.

"Happy Birhday, Arake," he said.

"Ohhh!" Arake ran his hands through his dark hair. "I completely forgot!" They both walked into the stables and Davey gave him a hard pat on the back.

"Fourteen winters. You'll still be youngert than me." Arake stopped and started to pet a light brown mare.

"You'll start to learn how to fight with the sword."

"Oh yeah, I'm excited for that, hopefully I''l be able to fight with father in some battles. You know Risenife isn't cooperatin with trade." They've been in trade with Risenrife for years. The kingdom was far from them they had some problems.

The two friends chatted some more. Davey told him a plan of how they could pull a prank on Arake's sister, Ariana. They were laughing so hard after that.

The End

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