Silvernist tied her cloak around her. She felt warmer inside it. She walked out of her room and down the stairs catiously. She entered Aviels chamber and grabbed his spell book.

She started to walk out before a glint caught her eye. She turned to see what it was. A sword  and a curved dagger hung on the wall. Silvernist ran to them and took them. She gazed at the sword, it's long silver blade was cold at her touch. Silvernist attached the weapons to her belt. They would be useful on her way to Zilda.

Right when she walked out the door lighting and thunder crashed. Silvernist ignored it. Using her invisibity, she traveled the halls.  There had to be a way out of the necropolis. She wandered the castle feeling lost until she found a door to the outside. It was raining by the time she was outside.

Silvernist looked around and saw that the drawbridge was down. She ran across it not bothering to care about her soaked clothes. She sneaked passed the guard who were sleeping at the gates. Silvernist looked back relieved to be out of that dark kingdom.

The thought that troubled her was how to get to Zilda. She knew it was beyond the forest. All she hd to do was travel through the woods. Silvernist held her chin high and entered the canyon.


Aviel growled as he stood glaring at the wall that was supposed to hold his sword and dagger. His special sword! How did she know about it? Aviel called for his knights. They burst into the room.

"I want you to find SIlvernist and bring her back to me," He ordered. The soldiers left and Aviel's eyes narrowed. He would find that silver witch.

Silvernist traveled for about two days. Being only twelve years old, it was luck that she survived. Silvernist aced as she slimbed the steep mountians. One time, rocks beneath her rolled and she almost fell along with them. At least she caught herself and didn't go plundering into the sharp rocks below.

Being tired of heat and exhaustion she went on. She knew Aviel would look for her. She didn't care. She just kept her mind on warning the king.  On her third day, she entered the woods. Armed with a sword and dagger she felt protected. But she didn't know if she could use them.

Silvernist strolled nervously through the forest. She held back a screech when she saw a bear feeding on a poor unicorn. Silvernist kep back until the bear left. When it started to rain, she found a cave and built a fire. She slept there until morning and then ate breakfast. She ground was muddy below her when she walked. She growled when her foot got stuck in a big puddle.

"Stupid..." before she could finish she thought she saw a castle in the distance. Silvernist managed to get out of the mud. She pulled back the bushes and gasped. Before her was the beautiful kingdom of Zilda.

The End

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