A few days later, Aviel told her she was ready.

Silvernist wanted to blurt out that she refused to do whatever he said. But he wouldn't listen. He'd probably hurt her again. He said she was the only one who could hold the black opal. No one else could. He needed her. But she didn't want to.

Aviel sent her to her room. Silvernist quietly crept through the dark halls. She made it to the stairs that went way up to the top floor. She was excited about her magical powers. She just didn't like the fact that she'd be helping darkness. A memory came into her mind. It was with her and her grandmother. She was seven at the time. Her grandmother was telling her the story of Danielle.

"... the mighty dragon Danielle once and for all defeated the evil witch Andorra." SIlvernist, her head in her grandmother's lap smiled but then it changed to a stong, brave looking expression.

"I would never have worked for that witch. I'd destroy evil wherever I go." Her grandmother, Alice, chuckled weakly and said,

"You do that child."

SIlvernist wiped a tear from her cheek and climbed faster up the staircase. Now she would be forced to help evil.

Silvernist shut her door behind her, She stood there for a moment looking around her dark room. She stared at her reflection in the mirror. Her silver hair was tangled and her cut stood out. She stepped closer and touched the cut Aviel gave her. It was now turning into a scar.

Silernist collapsed on her bed. She was wide awake at the moment. She thought of Aviel and his wicked plan. She couldn't do it. She couldn't, just couldn't. She lay there for a while until darkness clouded her.

An idea popped into her head and she sat up.

The End

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