Invisibility and Acid

A part of Silvernist was that she was actually excited for this. The next morning she learned she could go invisible. That was one of her powers.

 Silvernist's eyes were shut tight. She imagined of all her bones, flesh, and skin disapearing. When she opened one eye, she saw Aviel's eyes wandering. She looked down at herself but couldn't find her body. She held her hands infront of her face. She couldn't see them. She was invisible.

"Sire," she said. Aviel turned to her direction. "It worked." Silvernist made herself turn back.

"That power will help you into the castle so let's see what else you can do. Silvernist dropped her eyed. Still, she couldn't help this wizard.

"I can't." Aviel swirled around.

"You can't say that. I NEED that map and that opal." No, you WANT it. He walked over to her and put a hand on her shoulder.

"Ive seen your past. Help me and we both could conquer this world together." Silvernist looked into his eyes but looked away.


"Acid orb, The ability to generate an acid ball," Aviel told  told Silvernist. She thought. Generate acid? An acid ball? Silvernist walked a ways from the wizard and closed her eyes. She put her hands in front of her and whispered.

"Acid orb." She opened her eyes halfway to find shimmering, silver ball floating in her hands. She felt like she was taking control of it but gasped when it flew out of her hands and crashed into Aviel's table which held alot of his spell books. When it crashed a bright light blinded her.

Silvernist sheilded her eyes against the light. When she opened them, she saw a puddle of silver,sizzling liquid. She glanced at Aviel and saw him staring at it in awe. She was in trouble.

"Sire! I didn't mean t-." Aviel walked over to the puddle and stared down at it. Then he turned back to Silvernist and said,

"You owe me."

The End

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