The Four Sorcerers

Salvador, Tamas, Azura and Stefan stood tall above a valley of ice and crystal. The icy ground stretched far ahead of them seeming to go on forever. Crystal mountains towered above them, their pointy tops glinting in the thin sun light. Salvador wore light blue robes and a short brown trimmed beard. Tamas stood proud in his black shining robe, lights dancing around him. Stefan fixed his green robe which was green as grass, just like his hair. But darker.

Azura's sleek, long golden hair fell around her shoulders. Her beautiful face pale among the amount of light shing through the clouds. They lived in a cave in the Valley Of Ice. That was their most safest place for now after being chased by Aviel. Him wanting to steal their magic like his wife Andorra was wanting. They couldn't let that happen.

Aviel would never know where they were.

The End

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