Silver Witch

Aviel had ordered some new dresses to be taken up to Silvernist. The older maid nodded and took them up.

SIlvernist took the dresses and decided which one to wear. Not one of them was pretty. They were all a dull color either brown of black. And the material was tough. She, sighed, picked one and slipped it on. She groaned when she started to itch.

“Great,” She complained.

“Excuse me miss, Master Aviel wants to see you,” the maid who came before squeaked through the door.

“Alright,” she replied.

Silvernist clambered down the stairs, and into Aviel chamber. She found him reading a large book.

“Shut the door,” he said. The girl obeyed. Aviel stood up smiling. It was a sly smile. He stood there looking at her and then finally spoke.

“Now let’s see your magic.”


“Yes your magic. You’re a Silver witch,” he replied harshly. He stepped closer.

“Now close your eyes and think of your magic.” SIlvernist wasn’t sure what he was talking about but did it anyway. She shut her eyes tightly and breathed deeply, thinking of her magic.

Aviel watched her, waiting for anything. Suddenly silver mist floated around the girl. Magic. It went on for a while and Aviel stood there in amazement watching the mist swirl. It all then slowly disappeared. Silvernist’s eyes fluttered open and was breathing heavily.

“Magnificent!” The wizard ran to the bookshelves. SIlvernist waited impatiently. When all that mist floated around her, she felt calm. It felt as if something freshly cold was moving throughout her body making it freeze. It felt--- well-- magical.

Aviel turned back to faced her. He held a great big book. She wondered what it was. Silvernist stepped forward and she then heard him murmur some words.

Aviel needed to learn more information on a silver witches’ power. Right now in his hands, he held another book of witches. He turned to a page that said SILVERWITCH.

A silver witch is most powerful, although she can carry the black opal and stand against its powers, she cannot destroy the opal’s powers. A silver witch has great powers. One is she can destroy all evil. The evil belonging to human, wizard, witch. They can control time. If they succeed in their mission (whatever it may be) they receive their true forms, but MAY die.

That was all he read. He turned around to see Silvernist waiting for him.

“Master,” she said.

“What,” he snapped. Silvernist winced at his sharpness.

“I have no idea whats going . Why am I doing this?” Aviel sighed and explained.

“You are to help me destroy the kingdoms Zilda and Zelda.” Silvernist tilt her head down a bit.

“I will take no part of evil.” SIlvernist had heard stories about the two kingdoms. The wizard’s eyes narrowed.

“You will. I will make sure of that.” Silvernist shook her head again.

“You can’t refuse me,” Aviel growled. She saw the blade of the dagger in the wizard’s hand. Everything happened so fast before Silvernist could flinch. His dagger slashed  the girls  cheek. She cried and blood now dripped down from her cheek.

“Now, will you do as I say?” Aviel questioned. Silvernist nodded.

Tears welled up in her eyes.


The End

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