Silvernist was shoved hard into her bedroom. At first she was to tell her master his breakfast was ready. Instead, he acted strangely. She searched her room. It was dark and the bed did not look comfortable. Torches were lit around her bed and along the walls.

When Aviel told her she was a silver witch, she had no idea what that was. And training? Training for what? Aviel didn’t even tell her, her task.

Silvernist felt a little sorry for Aviel. His evil wife was gone but she knew he would want revenge against Zilda. Her life was getting weirder. Her mother and father died was she was a baby. She was raised by her grandmother. Though it was a harsh life. Her hair and eyes kept people away from her. Especially Emma and Stella who was rude to her. Her grandmother told her;

“How can boys not like that beautiful face? Silvernist would blush. She actually hadn’t paid attention to herself.


Silvernist doubted she even had a purpose in this life. When her grandmother died a week ago, Silvernist ran away from everything and ended up here. So she became to new maid. At least that’s what she thought.

She stood frozen in her room not knowing what to do.

When Aviel returned to his chamber, he cheered. He would soon have that black opal. But then what would he do with it?

The End

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