The cloak removed

As Silvernist removed her cloak, she stepped in the light. Aviel was confused if it was his imagination or if it was real. Silvernist wore a brown tattered dress that reached her knees. Her hair shined brightly. It was silver with white streaks.

Her eyes glittered. They were icy silver with tiny black pupils. Her skin looked paleand her face was young but radiant.

Aviel was speechless. When he said he needed a silver witch, he didn’t expect to find one this fast.

“Come closer,” Aviel said. Silvernist’s eyes peered into his own as she came closer. She shivered when he touched her cheek.

“Do you know why you are here?” he asked. The girl's right eyebrow lifted. She shook her head cautiously. Aviel put his hand against her back and led her out of the chamber.

“I have a very important task for you, but first I’ll have to train you.”

The End

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