Silvernist-The Last Days

Years later after Andorra has been destroyed, a new enemy is unknown. Silvernist only knows. New secrets await to be revealed and sacrifices must be made. Will the world be saved ?or will it face it's greatest doom (Sequel to Danielle)

The furious will be unleashed, the masked will be unmasked, for those who are chosen will rise against the darkness that draws  nigh
Till the end will they fight endlessly

Part one

A young girl ran through the streets, her cloak flowing out from behind her. Thick fog covered the village and seemed to be deserted. The girl ran swiftly without stopping to take a breath. She held a loaf of bread in her hand. She hid behind a building waiting for a man to walk by. When he disapeared, she got up and continued to run.

The girl reached a rusty, old house. Boards were coming apart from the wall and the roof had at least three holes in it.  The girl stood before the door and fixed her hood. She walked in seeing an old, skinny woman by a fireplace cooking soup. Startled, the woman looked at the girl standing in the doorway.

"Silvie!" She exclaimed harshly as she went over to the girl. She bent her head down so her face was inches from her's.

"Where have you been! I expected you to be here an hour ago!" The girl held a firm expression on her face.

"It was very foggy out there ma'am," she replied. The lady scowled and snatched the bread out of the girl's hands.

"Honestly," she muttered. Silvie watched her guardian dump the bread carelesly into the soup. She jumped when she heard her two "friends" walk in. One had short black hair, brown eyes and the other had long blonde curly hair. Emma and Stella.

"It seems Sil-ver-nist got in trouble again," Emma sneered. Silvie shrieked when she pulled her hood down. She hated when people did that for a peek at her hair.

"Silly hair, isn't it Stella," Emma said wiping a peice of hair from her face. Silvie clenched her fists.

"Stop it!" She cried and ran out. She wished she had never heard the laughs of those girls.  This village was barely full of people. Her guardian, Louisa, forced her to steal food from others. It felt wrong.

Silvie wiped a tear from her cheek. Her hair was a burden she beard. And so were her eyes. She was running away from the village. To where though? She had no idea where, but only if it far away from this place.

The End

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