Rose Petaled Snow

    The shadow was young, it could even be newly spawned. An earlier Jeredynn may have felt remorse, sympathy or even pity for the purple irises frozen in fear, though as the soul-fused Wakazashi cut a fine slit across it's neck covering his clothes in a foul viscous liquid, he felt nothing. He watched with no emotion as the shadow slithered through his fingers and pooled beneath his feet. It slid slowly across the floor towards a deeper patch of shadow, Jeredynn approached at a taunting pace, replacing Kagamin with Claude, tossing the Rapier playfully from palm to palm.




    Behind the mask a face contorted in surprise - A woman had just flew from the second floor and landed gracefully at his feet - Though the mask remained unimpressed, the image of a snow coloured human face was crossed randomly with red streaks that resembled petals against the white background, it's eyes seemed to have frozen over long ago, leaving a white patch of skin where eyes should've been. She tossed back her hair and looked scornfully up at the mask. There was a long period of silence, each person feeling intimidated yet intrigued by the other. He watched nervously as she hovered over her hip holster though his mask was frozen in the direction of her eyes, giving the illusion of eye-contact.

    "Mask" as she now knew him, stuttered as he attempted to talk to her - A clear sign that this sinister figure was far less intimidating than previously thought, though the eyeless face and motionless lips were enough to keep those thoughts suppressed for now,

"I believe zat y-y-you vould be the famous Carmen, I've been hearing zo much about. I-i-i must say y-y-you look a lot less intimidating zan I imagined." confessed the Russian accent, his eyes darting nervously through the thin material of his mask, not that this was visible from the outside. Carmen cocked an eyebrow and exhaled impatiently, stepping up from her crouched position. "Mask" span quickly, grasping Carmen firmly in an arm lock,

"No, no. You can't leave vithout answering a few questions from my peers first." The russian accent seemed to have gained in confidence like a boy learning to swim,

"Only a few questions." he repeated, more to reassure himself than the woman.



The End

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