A flowing mass of hair lay breathing gently at the foot of the bed. He watched admiringly as her pale sleeping face turned to greet him, a strand of hair lay perilously close to her mouth, swaying gently as she breathed. He painfully lay a hand upon her soft cheek, taking care to brush away any interfering hair. Her skin was warm and reassuring much like a security blanket and he couldn't help but feel a sense of warmth flood through him as she playfully batted away his evidently cold hand.

    It made even more sense with each painful limp - to leave her behind. As he hobbled through the disinfected hall he listened carefully for the telltale signs of nurses shoes against the cold linoleum of the hospital floor.

    He'd gotten far without interference, his weapons had been "carefully" hidden in a utility cupboard on the same ward he'd been resting in. He lightly caressed the hilt of the largest of the five blades, feeling the sense of security rush into him as he slid through the jaws of the automatic doors and out into the shade of the night.

    "Odin?" he asked casually as he attempted to hide the limp present from the chemical used in an attempt to shield his right side from pain, the voice answered in an deep, irritated tone,

"Jeredynn! Even spirit's 'ave to sleep-" Another, more intelligent sounding and cleaner voice cut him off,

"Now, now Odin. Leave the boy alone." chimed the rapier at Jeredynn's hip, it's silken, sophisticated tones demanding a polite air of authority,

"And just what'll you do to him, smelly?" asked the voices of children in stereo - The twin Kunai throwing knives slotted carefully into each arm sheath,

"Not again boys..." Despaired the mousy voice of the delicate Wakazashi short sword attatched horizontally to the back of his belt.

Jeredynn shook his head, signalling for his arsenal to cease their squabble,

"Odin can you smell any shadow?" he asked tapping on the claymore strapped to his back,

"Aye, I smell three, Jeredynn" answered the gruff voice that may have suited a pirate - maybe Odin's soul was once a pirate's?

"And yes, I was a pirate in a more glorious time boy." he answered,

"Y-y-you seem to forget we're as much a part of your m-m-mind as your thoughts J-j-jeredynn." stuttered the shy, delicate voice of Kagamin from behind him,

"We can see what you see!" exclaimed the Kunai twins,

"I know, I know..." mumbled Jeredynn walking with hands plunged into the abyss of his pockets. He turned a corner whilst listening contently to the arguments of his weapons leading him into a dubiously dark alley, far too dark for a cloudless night such as this.

    Jeredynn caught the fragmented remains of a whisper fluttering delicately along the breeze and drew the Wakazashi from his back. The voices of his weapons became tuned to his senses, each one whispering information at him,

"Clear 'hindsights." Claude whispered, still managing to keep his aura of authority and poise,

"I'z smelling blood." dribbled the voice of Odin,

"Strange humidity."  muttered  Kagamin distantly.

    A darker patch of shadow became distinguishable amongst the shadows of the alleyway, maybe unnoticeable for someone who didn't know what to look for, however, Jeredynn did. He didn't let on. The five weapons became silent as he advanced up claustrophobic passageway, as if tensing non-existant muscles.

    Soulbound steel pierced shadow silently, plunging through it's mid-section and cutting a swift strike to the right - A wound that would have disembowled any mortal creature.


The End

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