Carmen stood outside the station where the random spatters of blood ended. It was a taxi rank, currently empty; wherever they had gone there was no way to find them. It was almost ironic that the only person with the talent to find them was the one she was looking for. 

She let a frustrated sigh escape, drawing a hand through her tangles of ebony hair. How could things have gone so wrong? The Director had promised her a sizeable cut of things once the Movement was successful; he had assured her that it would be and very soon. In return she had signed that contract allowing her body to be shared in the purposes of the Movement. Being a double agent was often tiring, especially when the shadow in your head wouldn't shut up. But now she was out of it and impersonating her, Carmen needed to get her back before she ruined things. 

She knew from experience that if something was given to you you would know when to open it; she was exasperated, but she knew it wasn't the right moment yet, and felt no desire to open the package she had been given. Although she could really use some help. 

So. Jeredynn had been injured - shadows didn't bleed red - then where did they go? If he was injured badly enough... 

She turned and began to stride purposefully in the direction of Hope Hospital, the nearest at only several city blocks away. Then something dark blossomed in the air beside her, drawing her eyes and halting her pace. She recognised him before he solidifed from shadow form into something more human, though it was admittedly slightly wrong-looking for a human, as the eyes still glowed indigo and the skin was tinged like death. But these days, shadows really were more skilled. 

"Hello," she smiled wryly. What had she been thinking, the only person who could find them? She had entirely forgotten.

"I know where she is," he smiled, the smile that would appear sinister to anyone else but was recognisable as a return of her own to Carmen appearing on his face. She gripped his arm - as solid as anyone's, despite being made from shadows - and in the blink of an eye they had both disappeared. 


The End

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