Disinfected Dreams

    The light of the sun punched him in the face as they left the shrouded abyss of the London Metro System. A few trains had come by, and one was passing at that moment, filled with half-oblivious, half-uncaring faces,

"Jer?" asked a pleasantly familiar voice,

"Jer your bleeding!" It shrieked and Jeredynn jumped in surprise as a foreign cold pressed hard around his wound.

    Maybe he was drifting between consciousness, he couldn't tell. Life'd seem to cease one moment only to be dragged back soon after by stubborn pains that refused to let him sleep. The voice was always with him, knelt by his side, calling out to him to keep him calm, though it was clearly the voice who needed to be calm. It quivered and trembled as if it'd been shot, a convincing tone of fear and worry mixed together... perhaps too convincing?

    Jeredynn rose from a peculiarly soft floor and winced as the heavy smell of disinfectant offended his nostrils,

"Doctor!" Yelled an unfamiliar female voice, that and an erratic, irregular beeping interrupted his train of thought,

"Where am I?" thought his brain sluggishly, beginning to reach for the blade at his waist which had been replaced with a flimsy string which seemed to tie his curiously breezy clothing together. Jeredynn attempted to curse under his breath, though only managing to groan painfully as he attempted to climb from the bedside grimacing as his shoulder voiced it's disapproval. Then came the silken, soothing tones of that voice again, sweet like a delicate chocolate though strong and reassuring at the same time,

"You have to stay here Jer!" it voiced in protest, the foreign cold pushing him back to the confides of his bedside,

"You have to get better... For me, Jer... Can you do that for me?" it pleaded and Jeredynn felt a twinge of guilt rush through his system. Jeredynn nodded and let himself fall into the uncomfortable arms of sleep.

    She sighed, wiping her brow as she did so. This boy was too stubborn, perhaps that could be put to good use? She'd have to  carefully watch how events unfolded... this was nought but an opportunistic game of chess from here on. She could not predict the movements of the guild nor it's slippery director.

    A doctor rushed towards Jeredynn and herself,

"What's wrong?!" he asked, cautiously eyeing the curious pair up and down,

"Well?" He asked impatiently tapping his foot and struggling to force his large hands into plastic gloves,

"Surprised and confused" she answered politely, forcing the mask of genuine concern over her spiteful scowl. The doctor looked irritated, shedding the tight gloves he'd just finished struggling to put on,

"Fecking nurses in this hospital..." he murmured casually under his breath, out of any ears of the average person, though of course she was no ordinary person,

"Pardon?!" she asked a mask of shock and confusion fitting over her smug grin. The doctor looked down at his feet, avoiding eye contact probably. He shuffled slowly out of the unusually empty ward.

She turned back to the sleeping boy, watching as his eyelids fluttered and his heart-rate monitor flickered at a reassuringly steady beat, "I need you to finish my transformation"...

The End

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