What Now?

The dragon creature was dead. Or as dead as something that wasn't properly alive could be. Either way, it was gone. Luckily Carmen was never unprepared, and had an arsenal of weapons stashed all over her body, including the second set of (smaller) daggers in her boots, the small pistols strapped to her thighs, the two hip holsters, the thick chain wrapped around her wrist with a metal ball charm that could hurt when it hit your head, and the locket with the cyanide in it. She was going to use all of those on the Director if he didn't do something.

Right now he was stood in front of her on the dark tracks, as the clean up team prepared to shift the train wreckage from blocking the tunnel. He was livid, but he had to tone it down a bit in front of the others.

"How could you let her get out of control Carmen?" he hissed, a vein standing out on his forehead in a very unpleasant manner. "She had access to your thoughts, she knows exactly how to play you. She won't stop now, the little double-crossing -"

"Yeah, yeah," Carmen interrupted ungraciously. "How could you trust her if she was going to do something like that? She could have blown everything. Lucky there was nobody else around to hear," she said dispassionately as the medevacs carried Lolita's unconscious form out of the tunnel on a stretcher. "Except Jeredynn. And now she's dragged him along too. What's she want him for?"

"I can only guess," the Director said, gritting his teeth, "that she is going to pull off being you, fooling Jeredynn and anyone else. If she has Jeredynn on his side, and he'll do anything for his Snow, she can use him and your appearance to get into the Guild."

"But she could get into the Guild anyway," Carmen replied sceptically, having narrowed her eyes at the Snow remark. Jeredynn wasn't that easily led. "She was inside my head."

"Yes, but she wasn't in control of you," he reminded her, "and now she is. With Jeredynn with her, you won't convince anyone that you're the real Carmen."

"But you know I am!" she gaped incredulously. "Besides, what could she possibly want to do inside the Guild as me?"

The Director shrugged. "I don't know. Any number of things, I'd imagine, that wouldn't be too good for either of us. She planned it for now for a reason - that shadow dragon was waiting here for a while. They found the remains of a few homeless people over there."

Carmen grimaced and began to walk along the tracks that disappeared into the darkness. The other side of the double tunnel had bee cut off by the train carriage, so they must have gone this way.

"Carmen," the Director called after her, but she didn't stop or look round. "Take this with you. You might need it if you find them."

She turned and caught the dully wrapped parcel that he had thrown. It was a palm-sized box shape, small enough to tuck into a pocket. She nodded and kept walking until the noise of the train wreckage being hauled away had faded. Down here in the dark it was quite creepy, but Carmen had excellent night vision, and in any case there was a pocket torch in - where else? - her pocket. There was a leak down here. She could hear it dripping.

The End

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