Endless Tunnels

Jeredynn stirred hazily, the lack of light in the dark tunnel stunning him as he opened his eyes: from jet black to faded darkness.

He was hanging downwards, which was evident from the faint outlines of rails and stones, though his legs also dangled downwards freely as if he was bent around a pole. The darkness seemed to spring to life, as if it'd been catching it's breath or reading a signpost. It was rushing past him, at least it felt that way, like he was on an invisible train in a tunnel without an end. The air swept past him and he was struggling to catch a decent breath.

 A heated pain stung at his hip, though Jeredynn had been slightly aware of a bite or a wasp sting it became more dire as he began to move. Each pulse of his heart seemed to pump more pain to his hip. It was burning and eating him at the same time. Jeredynn knew this feeling; he'd been shot... but when? and more importantly - by who?

     He'd plunged his blade into the gaseous spine of the dragon, it shrieked and reared backwards kicking out with fangs and claws. And that was when a wave of fatigue pulsed through him, he listened from afar as his footsteps staggered backwards, ringing hollowly out into the reaches of his mind and the distant clang of metal colliding with metal echoed from somewhere faraway, Jeredynn watched his body fall colliding with the hollow belly of the train.

      Jeredynn longed for that sense of fatigue again, for that detatched feeling to escape the pain of the wound on his hip. He listened to the wound drip down onto the train tracks somewhere far below where Jeredynn couldn't see,

"Drip, drip, drip that's all you do Jer"  called a familiar voice, though a sinister undertone hid beneath it,

"Are you up Jer-baby?" it asked again the sinister tone vanishing and a warming voice comforting him,

"Sn...Snow?" asked Jeredynn, trying his best to stay conscious as the pain burned into him like a metal poker.

The End

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