If Carmen's never said it before, ''Damn it."

Carmen cursed out loud as the dragon forced its way further into the carriage, snapping at Jeredynn's feet as he struggled to get back up and fight it. The Shadow-Carmen was already there, reaching for the gun that had fallen out of her hand. Pushing the rest of the debris off her legs, she pulled out the two ornamental daggers that were stuck down either of her boots. She aimed and threw both at the same time in different directions; one sliced directly through the shadow-dragon's vertical pupil and the other skimmed shadow-Carmen's hand, slicing the skin open in a shallow cut. The dragon bellowed, snorting in rage, and the other Carmen turned to look at the real one.

She got to her feet and shadow-Carmen smiled mischievously, holding the gun back up again, aiming between Jeredynn's shoulder blades. He was preoccupied with slashing at the howling dragon with a grimace on his face. Carmen shook her head, and mouthed, ''Don't even think about it''. She laughed out loud, and sent a spiral of shadow towards Carmen, who crouched to dodge it - unfortunately it hit the wall instead and collapsed that one on top of her as well. 

She couldn't see now, as she started to dig her way out with gritted teeth, but she could still hear. Over the outraged shadow-dragon's noise she heard the click of a thumbed hammer and Jeredynn's gasp of surprise.

"Out of the carriage, this way," Carmen's voice said smoothly, moving towards the out-of-operation doors. The Shadow-girl even sounded just like her. Carmen heard the wrenching of metal, the popping of rivets and the sound of the door hitting the floor, then after the sound of their feet hitting the tracks they began to move away up the tunnel. Carmen wriggled free after a few minute's work and saw the wreckage of the door. She ran over and braced herself against the edges of the empty doorway before leaning out, so that she wouldn't fall. She glanced either way down the tunnel but the two had disappeared into the darkness, even the echoes of their movements had faded out. There was suddenly a gust of scorching breath on the back of her legs, and she turned in time to see the dragon lunging for her, the hole it had been making wide enough for most of its body to fit through now.

Oh, snap.

The End

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