Shadow's In The Carriage!

    Jeredynn didn't have time to think, though if he did he'd have realised that diving into a gun barrel would be painful and anyone whom was pointing a gun barrel toward you was definitely not friendly. The pair landed on the hollow metal belly of the carriage, the squealing of the metal halted as the darkness of the outside tunnel flooded into the carriage.

    A black gaseous skull forced itself through the gap, peeling back the metallic skin of the train as it squealed in dis-approval. It seemed to be a dinosaurs skull, though it was as black as jet and the features were hard to distinguish amongst the swirling torrent of shadow gases. The skull rotated on it's neck as if attempting to relieve muscle pain from the muscles it didn't posses, it spluttered and jolted forward as a small plume of black flames scorched the metal where "Carmen" and Jeredynn had been stood moments before.

    Jeredynn grimaced as it edged forwards, it's shoulder blades cutting through the metallic belly of the train as if it were but paper to a knife. He pushed himself upright, the throbbing where the gun barrel had collided with his face bore a lot of pain from his right cheek bone to his eyebrow and a sticky liquid was hindering his vision. Jeredynn staggered forward, cradling his face with one hand and half-heartedly wielding his blade in the other.

    He shook his head, and reluctantly let his hand fall greeting the other with a red sticky embrace, he brought the blade above his head and dashed forward.

The End

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