Carmen stirred. The only thing she could really think for a few seconds was ow! Then she tried to feel where her head was throbbing with her hand for any blood, but she couldn't lift it. It was dark - she was buried under something. She pushed upwards, hard, and whatever it was fell away with a clatter. For an instant she was blind as smoky bright light hit her eyes. Then she focused, and saw halfway down the carriage Jeredynn was waiting in a crouch, sword drawn, and by his shoulder with her gun was - her. That little traitor. 

She looked at the bulging part of carriage wall, where the metal creaked dangerously in protest as it recieved a barrage of blows from the outside. Then she looked back at herself and saw the gun was no longer pointed in the direction of the attacker - she was bringing the barrel up to level it at the back of Jeredynn's head. What the hell was she doing? The Director was going to have to give some answers about his decision to put her in Carmen's head. Which was hurting right now at the thought of watching herself trying to kill Jeredynn. Which she was supposed to be stopping!

"Jeredynn, look out!" Carmen - the real one - shouted, and he swung his head round, lowering the sword a little, as the copycat Carmen turned as well, and the carriage wall gave way in a scream of metal and sparks. 

The End

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