Inanimate Agony

    An all too familiar ear-splitting screech rung through the empty carriage, accompanied by the rhythmic sound of large wings beating slowly.

"Shadow spawn..." whispered Jeredynn under his breath, blessed-steel being drawn from a sheath being the only noise to mark Jeredynn's movements as he advanced cautiously up the carriage.

The carriage shuddered as if a house had toppled onto it, a large dent ploughed it's way through the flimsy metal forming a small gap. A few helpless seconds of silence followed as all eyes remained fixed on the twisted metal stalactite,

"Carmen..." whispered Jeredynn, falling down onto one knee and beckoning her to his side, Jeredynn felt her nod and listened for the almost noiseless sound of her footsteps and the warming feel of her breath at the back of his neck, though unfortunately she was by his side before he could truly experience these sensations.

Another screech and a blood-curdling squeal as the metal began to tear itself apart, Jeredynn looked back at Carmen and pointed towards her gun. She nodded and used Jeredynn's shoulder as a support, closed one eye and cautiously watched as the metal screamed in agony.

The End

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