Dark Snow

Carmen felt the stirrings of the shadow in her head before the train jolted. They had an agreement, fixed by the Director, but the shadow girl was a little bit of a rebel. She fought for control of Carmen's body, but the annoyed young woman wouldn't relinquish it. She instead decided to let go completely. She used rather too much force than was necessary and Carmen was thrown to the other end of the carriage, where a swinging part of plastic wall divider promplty collapsed on top of her.

But then, she was free again, sat in Carmen's seat as the boy recovered and the woman was unconscious on the floor. She was a master of disguise; it was her talent. Jeredynn looked up as she blurred into Carmen. She was a perfect replica, even more similar than a twin would have been. The only problem was the eyes. Jeredynn was already looking and he would have seen them, the tint that meant possession - or sometimes, a doppelganger. She focused on perfecting them, the glowing amber colour with flecks of brown and grey. She had to be convincing, and she loved acting.

She rubbed at her head, affecting a confused demeanour.

"Jeredynn?"she asked in an innocent voice. "Are you all right? What happened?"

The End

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