The train - though it'd be more correct to say the contents of the train - jolted forward, sending Lolita hurtling into Jeredynn and Jeredynn hurtling into the metal pole he'd been resting his head on a few minutes prior to the sudden stop. Carmen sat unscathed, barely moving as the back of the carriage tilted toward the front end of the train. Jeredynn shook his head from side to side, brushing his hand gently over the bruise on his cheek and flinching,

    "Snow?" asked Jeredynn, a nearby light had fallen from it's hinges and was struggling behind him, trying desperately to re-light itself though only succeeding for a few brief seconds before it died again. casting a grim lighting effect on the part of  the carriage behind Jeredynn, sending a grim feeling of apprehension over Jeredynn, he wrapped his hand over the hilt of the short blade at his waist.

    Lolita lay by his side, she lay still, though her glasses seem to be growing mist so evidently Lolita wasn't dead, though Carmen was nowhere to be seen, though something was in her seat.

The End

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