Hypocritical Rants

    Jeredynn tilted his head forward and hunched over his knees looking down at the chewing gum he had spat out nearly a week earlier. Despite the trains limited use it'd still turned black and molded into the metal floor, forming an unattractive black smudge on the floor like a mechanic had just wiped his hands all over it. Jeredynn sluggishly rubbed at his eyes with his sleeve - it'd been a warm night, one where you were always too warm, or too sticky, or too itchy and Jeredynn hadn't noted down the time he finally slept, he wasn't overly sure he had.

    He cast a reassuring look over to Carmen whom he'd presumed had been casting concerned ones down at the top of his skull, she stared blankly into the open window beside Lolita's head, giving the illusion she was gripping tightly onto each word,

    "Don't you agree Jer?" asked Lolita turning sidewayds and beaming at him sending an overwhelming feeling of guilt jolting up through his body: he hadn't heard a word she'd she'd said. Lolita read his face and frowned, turning to Carmen she asked the same question... no reply,

    "Honestly, the pair of you! Especially you Jer..." Lolita seemed to think of Jeredynn as a friend, evident with her persistent use and mis-pronounciation of his nick name - Jer pronounced Zhyer - though Lolita seemed to pronounce it in a manner of different ways as if expecting to be congratulated when she pronounced it correctly. Maybe she'll win a car mused Jeredynn, pressing his face against the burning cold of the support rail by his seat.

    Lolita was still ranting, from the words Jeredynn could be bothered to snatch from the air he managed to piece together the general direction of the speech "Kids," "No respect," "Me," "Elders," "My day" it was the basic "I'm older be nice to me" rant, not that Lolita was much older than Jeredynn and Carmen to be making such rants: Lolita was turning twenty-five after the winter and she and Carmen had already made various plans that involved looking through clothing catalogues, squealing and sending threatening looks and sniggers in his direction. It was terrifying.

    The train came to an abrupt stop...

The End

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