She slumped on the train seat, feeling the buttons of her long coat digging into her legs. The window was dark as bricks of underground tunnels flashed by. Jeredynn sat opposite, Lolita next to her updating them on current Guild issues. Except she wasn't really paying attention. In the darkness outside, the tunnel walls seemed to be covered in leering shadow faces. It was just patterns of soot, but they still reminded her. 

Almost five years ago, that day in the alley when Gritt had been destroyed and Carribal disappeared, and so did the Laurel person who seemed to have a split personality disorder if Jeredynn was anything to go by. At a loss for anything to do, they had trawled the streets until dark looking for any sign of them. They had killed a shadow who had been draining a waitress girl outside a cafe, but that was it. Then just before they were going to give up, they had come full circle back to the same alley. To their surprise, the Director was battling two shadows down there. From the pink and red eyes flashing about confusingly like rainbow ghost orbs, they had known it was the two they were looking for. In the moonless night and ruckus nothing had been clear, but there were shrieks and wails and guttural bellows until suddenly it was quiet and there was just the Director, his composure ruined as he sagged in his torn suit, ripped-in-half tie askew, the foil normally concealed inside his cane  by his side. It was quite a disappointment to Carmen that she hadn't got to deliver the final blows, but still. The job was done. After that, there were the new problems caused by the compromised security of the Guild's current location. The four years after that were a blur. Then recently, something else had come up to concern them all. Regarding the shadows they had thought were gone.

The End

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