Platform Twenty-Two

    It had been almost five years - four years and 9 months exactly - since the assault on London headquarters and the Director had ordered the new building to be much tighter in secrecy and security.

    James Fellowman sat back on the uncomfortable metro station bench and looked at his watch: it had been half past six for a few hours now, and James cocked an eyebrow and put the watch to his ear, flailing his wrist up and down as if somehow that would make it tick again though he knew it wouldn't. A strange couple drew his attention - an arguably handsome chestnut haired man with a long streak of blue cutting through it like a frozen lightning bolt, wearing a long leather coat, a pair of black jeans that were faded at the knees, and a black t-shirt advertising some unintelligent gory video-game or another was walking hand-in-hand with a woman whose hair stood out amongst the many different colours amongst the crowd, the light shone off of the black locks casting a brilliant sheen over whom-evers pleasure it was to witness it, she wore a pair of black tights which seemed to elegantly dance along her legs and past her crimson skirt which unfortunately James couldn't see underneath, to James both looked no older than twenty... maybe twenty-one though definitely no older than that.

    The curious pair were strolling contently - clearly infatuated by the other - toward a mousy, frightened looking woman with pink hair grasping a clipboard, tucking a pen behind her ear and tapping one foot in frustration and impatience, she stood under the signpost for the new platform twenty-two, well he said new, it was the newest platform - around four years old, though it was special and only "Permit Holders" could ride the trains that stopped there. James had inquired over these permits many a time at the various help desks and ticket offices though they seemed to know less than him about platform twenty-two.

    He watched the couple approach the important looking woman, and he watched as she noticed them from the crowd, arching her eyebrows and pointing to the ground next to her, mouthing something as she did so, the couple shook as if they were laughing - though James couldn't really tell as they had their backs to him - and the pink haired woman simply sighed, motioning toward the train that was waiting patiently for them to board, the man bent over to the woman next to him - the black haired one - and kissed her on the cheek, sneakily placing a hand below her waist and laughing as she turned, scowled at him and chased him into the empty carriage.

The End

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