Grasping at silken threads

Gritt began to writhe in pain, clasping at his ears as if someone had just screamed at him, though there was no scream - it was quiet, deathly quiet. Gritt danced and writhed, and Jeredynn could not quite help the smirk that flickered at his lips, it just sort of came about, Jeredynn was enjoying the pain, enjoying watching the monster drown in a sound no-one else could hear. Though he was puzzled when he scanned over the faces of his peers Lolita was hiding her face and retching as if trying to hold back vomit and Carmen's eyes were spread wide, rooted to the spot as a nervous sweat slipped down her face.

The black eyed man raised his arm and let fly a scream as if the very effort had been the most painful thing he'd ever experience, the shadow's around him began to fix themselves to his arm, protruding from his elbow there was now fixed the silhouette of a Gatling gun, he half-smirked half-winced as the barrel began to turn, most curiosly was there the gun pointed - not at Pliirith, not at Lolita, not at Carmen, but at him, and as he stood rooted with fear he listened as the sound of the bullets slotting themselves into position.

Suddenly the pink eyed shadow towered in front of Jeredynn her eyes glaring at Gritt as he coughed, spewing up a foul black liquid onto the wall of the narrow alley he keeled over in. The thunderous sound of bullets hitting flesh came next, though the black womanly figure before Jeredynn advanced slowly on Gritt, his writhing and screaming becoming more severe as she did so.

 A black ribbon shot past Jeredynn's face, slitting his nose as it flew past. The ribbon began to twist, dance and turn in the air, scanning the five of us, especially Gritt and "Laurel", however which was the real traitor here? Gritt wouldn't really have tried to kill him and... that trap could've easily been laid by the boy and his escort and Laurel hadn't meant to protect the boy, it was all a clever plan... though Carribal knew he was simply making excuses, the ribbon shot downwards, straight for Jeredynn though stopping milimetres before it would've entered his forehead, it turned and propelled itself through both figures.

The End

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