Unexpected Revelations

Gritt was relieved when Laurel reappeared back out of the wall. She was singing to the boy, but... Gritt stopped, confused, wondering why the boy looked so terrified. The females both wore looks of determination and resolve, but Jeredynn had his eyes fixed on Laurel's sinewy black form dancing towards him. 

"Laurel?" he called, frustrated that he wasn't the one in control right now. "Stop pissing about and get over here."

She turned her twin pink flames to look at him. "I'm not Laurel. I am Pliirith. And I'm tired of being treated like your servant, Gritt. You've served your purpose. Now the truth is revealed, I don't need you."

Gritt was dumbstruck, then furious. She didn't need him? What was going through her mind?

He was instantly furious. Nobody made out that Gritt was worthless. His shadowy limbs writhed into the shape of weapons as he prepared to attack. In his anger, he had fully materialised.

He looked towards the Lucis agents, hatred in his fiery coals of eyes, and gave the same look to ''Laurel''. 

"This," he snarled, including every last one of them in his speech, "ends now."

"You're right," Pliirith smiled, her voice like tinkling windchimes. "It does - for you."

The End

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