Graffiti Pink

    Something black slithered past Jeredynn, he swooped round instictively, holding the gun up towards... nothing, nothing was really there... in a sense, what is a shadow after all? A shadow has no physical being not even on a microscopic level, so Jeredynn was half-right and half-wrong, nothing was hiding from him, her pink eye's barely noticeable amongst the urban graffiti.

Carmen looked at him and cocked an eyebrow,

"What?" he asked blushing slightly at his obvious fear of whatever wasn't there, well, not on first glance. Carmen wasn't leaving anything to chance, she barged past Jeredynn, signaling him to get behind her.

The nothing emerged, it's graffiti-coloured eyes scraping themselves from a wall less than fifteen feet from where Jeredynn had been stood. Not that the trio noticed this, all eyes scanned the alleyway, looing for whatever was hiding, something as trivial as the pink "I's" from  "Smivvi Forever!" melting from the wall and crawling across the ground was as unnoticeable as dust.

Suddenly an eerily familiar voice began to sing,


You promised me your love,

I was there for you,


You were there for me,

What happened to those times my love?

What happened to those times?" the voice stopped and giggled, an undeniably cute giggle, though still sinister and all too familiar... Jeredynn's face dropped.


The End

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