Suspicious Behaviour

Gritt felt himself smile. He wasn't there, really, so he couldn't smile... he was invisible. I think, therefore I am. The one thing that linked them with humans. 

It was true, he had failed to kill Carribal in the attack. The Assistant and the girl had been unfortunate accidents. And Gritt wasn't used to accidents. If people got hurt around him, it was generally him who was hurting them deliberately. Incompetency wasn't a word in Gritt's vocabulary. What Carribal didn't know was that Gritt had a special power - well, Laurel. But it still counted as his, because Laurel was his. She could track down anyone, spirit, shadow or human, and not even Carribal, despite his high-and-mighty attitude as self-appointed commander, was exempt from her skill. 

Laurel was by his side, giggling quietly to herself as always. They were watching Carribal, who was stood at the mouth of the alley in turn watching the Three Musketeers - as Gritt was calling them - walking by.

When the girl noticed him, he turned to flee - right into their trap. It was over in mere seconds, Carribal taken care of and Laurel - he looked around. Where was Laurel? She seemed to have disappeared suddenly. But he could still hear a faint trace of her high-pitched laughter....

He cursed silently as he saw the trio advancing. They couldn't see him, of course - his talents far outweighed any of theirs - but it wouldn't do to be in their way. 

The End

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