Instincitve Snow

    "Carmen?" hissed Plirrith,

"She's your Snow?" Jereddyn could feel the frustration pouring from Pliirith like a broken tap. Jeredynn looked up at the gray of the sky, it's hidden beauty screaming at him from afar reaching him as a whisper, he sighed as the first of the rain caressed his bare skin.

    Carmen stopped walking and held out her arm to stop Jeredynn she looked cautiously down an alleyway they had just came to the entrance of, Jeredynn saw nothing, though he knew better than to challenge her instinct. She advanced forward motioning for the pair to follow her, her handgun was held firmly between both of her gloved hands, her head motioned toward a fork in the alley and then to the holster fastened around her thigh, Jeredynn nodded in confirmation and bent down to withdraw the small gun from it's holster, Carmen pushed him away with her thigh as if realizing that she had perhaps misjudged her actions slightly.

She threw the larger handgun to Jeredynn, whom despite trying his best to hide it, still looked clueless as to it's handling and operation. The secretary beside him sighed and drew a throwing knife from her cleavage, Jeredynn blushed.

Pliirith had been quiet, it unnerved Jeredynn, and as Carmen motioned for him to check the corner it unnerved him even more.


The End

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